Academic Tutors - Company Message
Our Tutors have exceptional subject related knowledge and therefore offer a comprehensive range of topics in line with the 'National Curriculum'.
Please note that we are now teaching the updated CEM 11+ for all areas

 We also offer courses in the following subject areas

11+ CEM Non-Verbal Reasoning
11+ CEM Verbal Reasoning

11+ CEM English & Arithmetic
12+ CEM (For those who failed their 11+ in Years 6) Common Entrance preparation (so that they can be admitted into a Grammar School in Year 8).
KS3 SATS English
KS3 SATS Mathematics
All GCSE Subjects
Whether it  is help with coursework or in areas to improve an understanding, Academic Tutors can provide expert tips to enable an effective and efficient  approach towards learning.
We can make that difference!
Due to our reputation and track record, we are so confident that your child will succeed!

Just fill out the contact form with your details or telephone: 07902 449 427 and we'll discuss the way forward. I'm sure you'll make the right decision in sending your child to us.

Here's to their success!
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